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Hello again, here today I want to talk about some items in my home which I think are much better in Europe. Americans have many things to be happy about, like the cheap food. However, there are a few things I have found to be not so good.

First, the internet speed here is slow. It says high speed, but it would not be considered high speed back home. I have asked around, and it seems that this is because there are only a couple of companies in control of all internet service here. That is not the case at home, where speed is much better. Americans don’t know what they are missing, or I am sure they would be angrier.

Second, the blankets and comforters seem strange to me. Where is the duvet? Blankets are thick and heavy, so I do not like them. And they are not so warm as a duvet with down. So, I go to get a comforter. It is almost a duvet, but you cannot remove the shell. So, I am told, you must bring the whole thing to an industrial washer. This is so silly! Surely they will see reason and get duvets sooner or later.

While I am talking about laundry I must mention the drying racks. Not many people use them here, I think. That must be why they are so bad. I had the best rack back home and I bought it for very cheap. Here, you pay $30 for a piece of plastic that feels like it will break very soon. When I started to make food here, I had to buy many kitchen things because I did not bring them on the plane with me. This is when I discovered the American measurements. In 2016, Americans still use imperial units! Why? Even the British have gotten rid of them. They make absolutely no sense. I had to have Justin mail me some measuring spoons and cups from home, because I could not find any here. They have thermometers which measure both Fahrenheit and celsius, but there is not metric measurement anywhere! It is so strange to me that the people I have spoken to about this are proud of imperial measurements. They didn’t even invent them! And the people who did have long abandoned them. So silly. Oh well.

Finally, the showers are very, very large. What do Americans need so much space for? I wonder if it is because they are so fat. I feel I am supposed to think these shower heads are luxurious, but it is very sad to me to find that I am wasting so much water when I don’t need to. I miss the push-button shower machines back home. However, I have finally found an acceptable alternative here. I decided to pretend I had low water flow, so I would find a fitting that did not use so much water.

I found a way to take a quick shower the European way by looking at this site: showerchamp.com. Also, I read up over the internet and I found a great article on how you can shower better (and save water for that matter). Check this out: https://www3.epa.gov/watersense/our_water/shower_better.html>